Architectural forced perspective video installation
SPRING 2019  / Mentors: Rebecca Mendez & Noa Kaplan

Designed and built a forced perspective video installation, where a viewing box is hung by chains from the cieling, floating in front of a screen playing the Pursuit Videos.

Architectural motifs of defense armor, speed, and infrastructure inspire the aesthetic choices. In particular, the highway and its visual design is integrated into the installation design. 

Designed in Rhino, rendered in C4D, built to scale using half-inch wood, 2ply, corrogated plastic, mylar, spraypaint, lasercutter, and a CNC machine.

Full-Scale Video Installation: Built with MDF, Mylar, corrugated plastic and 2-ply paper. 

RENDERED VIDEO INSTALLATION: Designed with high-budget material vision. Rendered in C4d with pure polished steel at varying reflective grains.

Prototypes + Early Visualizations: A 1/3 scaled model of the viewing installation. An early design prototype with perforated metal sheet modularity. 3D Model of VR space designed in Rhino and brought into Unity. Early ideas on using highway visual designs and integrating them into architecture. 


March  2020  / Art Show Special thanks to Will Wharton, Nate Mohler, Matea Friend.

Same day installation, testing adaptability of Pursuit visual assets in a small confined space. Single day pop-up experience at an experimental art show in Arts District, Los Angeles in March 2020.