PERSONAL WORK / 2018-19 

A block of wood undergoes thousands of physical transformations with both careful and reckless application and removal of a selection of my photographs. This progression, caught in approximately 3,000 frames, is viewed in quick succession creating a stop motion video of the process. The invidiual frames and accompanying visual assets are displayed in a book encased in acrylic glass and held together by steel binds. 

  The physical distortions and manipulations were captured frame by frame, and placed in subsequent order with sound and additional graphics. 

The 220 paged 11x17” book is assembled with steel rings and two engraved acrylic glass sheets. The images on the right measure 5x8.50” and are a result of the repeated manipulations and layers of photographs imposed to a small block of wood. 

Transformation of 3D Typography. Virtual perspectival change/rotations with physical ripping, cutting, separation and reassembly. 

Pursuit cover (front + back), original wood blocks used for collages