An Imperceivable Edge

Architectural data collection and model series
Instructor Georgina Huljich SPRING 2018 In collaboration w/ Carlo Gomez

These models explore the ambiguity of the relationship between the interior and exterior through edges. The model and drawings look to represent the edge in a series of abstracted and exagger-ated forms which define the space with a new experience.

Each of these models question the extentthe edge through variations in 3D negative space commands. We wanted to investigate this concept further by incorporating another layer to the extruded edges by adding a “reversed edge”. In our last model, the extruded bricks as well as reversed edges create a balance between spaces. While the viewer feels overwhelmed by the edge of the bricks coming towards them, the sunken stairs and roof welcome the viewer and create a harmonic experience.

Exhibited at RUMBLE AUD 2018 and DMA EXHIBITION 2019

MODEL 1 : Replication of cantilevered study site with minimal manipulations.  

MODEL 2:  Extrusion of facade and manipulation of the ‘edge’.

MODEL 3:  The edge defines movement and has maximum permeability between what is considered ‘inside’ vs. ‘outside’.


Elevation Study: Site analysis included measurments, elevation recompositing and integrating real photo imagery into illustrations. 

Layered Panorama: Distinguished point of study

Material Index: Texture Photograph Study