(A)Typical Plans

Fitting out a pre-existing shell 

AUD UCLA / WINTER 2018  / Instructor: Erin Besler Team: Carlo Gomez, Annie Kleinaitis, Justin Kho, Joey Guadagno, & Michael Lee

The distinction between temporary and permanent serves as both a designation of control and responsibility and a way to organize elements of the base building versus the fit out. Through a series of assignments that focus on the relationship of the “core and shell”, we worked towards the design of an office building in Irvine, California.

To explore the relationship between ‘shell’ and ‘core’, we were assigned someone else’s model to ‘fit out’ the space.


FLOOR 13 PLAN The plan consists of a clustered core, stuffed corners, and a “fill of associates” in the remaining space. The space builds from an origin point to align the various furniture pieces. The floor pattern illustrates a single floor plan that fluidly changes color without the need for rigid boundaries. 

Floor 13 Model with integrated color blocking and a clustered core.

Final Model 

Lower Floors with different functions

Original Model + Color BlockingThe original model that defined the shell of our structure comes from another group. This was done to mimic the architectural process and division in roles between shell and core.